An Aiyana Story...

Clearly the first of many!!

All parents have a handful of stories about their children. Usually, these stories express some moments when the parent became aware their child was smarter (or not as smart) as they thought.

My mother has at least 50 of these stories she would share at every possible embarrassing moment she could. I now have one for my baby girl!!

Aiyana’s a very independent and assertive #child. She likes things a certain way and when she doesn’t get her way, she WILL let you know she is not happy.

We try to avoid giving her too much sugar general and my dad made an icy from a juice with a lot of sugar. And as far as Aiyana’s concerned, you eating something meanings “we” eating that something. So I was ok with Aiyana having a little bit of the icy. That was my mistake. After my dad put the icy back in the refrigerator...Aiyana kept pulling me from the living room to the kitchen and pointing to the refrigerator. I said no a few times and after she realized I wasn’t giving in, she fell out on the kitchen floor. Tears, rolling around, the whole performance.

I had to go to the bathroom so I decided to let her have her moment. While I’m in the bathroom with the door closed, I hear the crying get closer (because I can never pee in peace). She opens the door with tears streaming down her face.

I thought she would want me to pick her up or something BUT NO...she then sits down on the floor and very delicately lays down and continues to cry! I laughed so hard at this performance she didn’t know how to react. I can only imagine that in her mind she was thinking, “mommy must see how upset I am!!”


This is only a small hit at what personality is developing. She’s very bright and apparently crafty. She showed me her cards though so now I know she can act! I clearly need to become less of a pushover. I can see there will be a lot more stories.

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