Mommy vs Fashionista

How to balance great (and practical) fashion while navigating motherhood.

Fashion has been a part of my life since I was in high school. Actually, it started as a child when I played dress up in my grandmother's closet. Later, I started learning the skills of the industry while attending the High School of Fashion Industries. Now, with poopy diapers and baby puke, it's definitely difficult to be stylish! Fashion and style have been such a part of my life that I'm now trying to balance my personal style while being practical as a new mom.

Brands like H&M, Forever21, and Zara were always my go-to's for affordable fashion. However, with a 70-pound weight gain, I had to learn my body and style all over again. I'm being patient with my body, but when I go window shopping I find myself frustrated that I can't wear some of the looks I love.

It can be so easy to wear clothes that are oversized to hide the extra weight, but even that can make a thick girl look even bigger. I've come to the realization that prints and fabric textures are important factors in finding styles that suit your body.

I love this high/low H&M dress and I paired it with my favorite Schutz heels. The delicate fabric and soft floral print elongate and create a slimming effect. Dresses are always easy and effortless, and as a mom, I have little time to plan my looks. With it being oversized, it will still be wearable as I shed some of this baby weight. And the best attribute of this look is the budget-friendly price at only $39!

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