Product Review: Muffin Sisters

African Print Baby Accessories

Being a product of New York, I was exposed to many cultural experiences as a child. My grandparents were Mavericks of there fields and accomplishing things that were possible for most African Americans before the Civil Rights Movement. My mother’s father was a college graduate and was a leader in the marketing field. He worked for companies like Johnson publishing, which distributes Ebony, Jet, & Essence magazines, and American Airlines. My mother’s mother didn’t even have a high school diploma but became an executive assistant to the president of a college! My father’s father and mother traveled Europe performing the famous opera “Porgy and Bess” at a time when most Black Americans were being smothered by Jim Crow. I overheard the compelling debates of the political and social climate of Black Americans. I attend Black History celebrations not just during Black History but throughout the year. I took African dance lessons as early as 4 years old and recited Maya Angelou’s, Phenomenal Woman. I started incorporating African dress into my wardrobe at 9 and wore African headwraps.

So the influence of African culture and my awareness of my Black American history was ingrained in my development at a very early age. Now that I’m a mother, I want my daughter to have that same awareness of history and culture. However, that’s harder to do now that I’m a California resident. The presence of Black Culture isn’t as readily available as in the area I grew up.

Muffin Sister's has given me one of the first gifts to spark my daughter's curiosity and connection to her historical cultural.

As a lover of fashion, that is one of the many ways to express my sense of self. There’s been a consistent trend in the last few years with an increased desire to embrace African apparel, music, and food as part of popular culture. Black Panther was a worldwide phenomenon. Opening weekend at the box office was like a fashion show. Beyoncé dedicated an entire album to Africa collaborating with African singers, rappers, music producers, and dancers. Muffin Sister’s has given me one of the first gifts to spark my daughter's curiosity and connection to her historical culture. The baby blanket has become an essential item in my diaper bag. I hope that piece becomes something my daughter will pass down to her child and that child will do the same. I am grateful to add this family heirloom to my family's history. This blanket that will nurture and keep warm generations to come.

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